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  • Green Screen (Chroma Keying) Tutorial

    Green screen can be fun to use specially at upcoming events such as Valentine’s day, Easter etc. Standard backgrounds can get boring at times so this function allows you to replace a green screen background with any image. dslrBooth Professional windows edition comes with a powerful green screen function to help make your events more […]

  • Green Screen Backgrounds – Magazine and Movie Posters

    Green Screen Backgrounds – Magazine and Movie Posters

    If you shoot green screen, you have to check out our new Magazine and Movie Poster backgrounds.

  • Recommended Tablets – Winter 2013

    We get many questions on what laptop or tablet we recommend to run dslrBooth. Every few months, we actually go through the process of testing our software with the latest computers from manufacturers to determine our recommendations. For the longest time we have been recommending the Microsoft Surface Pro to run our software and for […]

  • dslrBooth Professional for Windows v2.1.1.10 – Live View Options

    dslrBooth now supports displaying live view with the camera in portrait (vertical) orientation with live view. Previously live view only worked in landscape (horizontal) orientation. Additionally, when using live view, you have the option to flip the image to mirror your guest’s movement. This is useful if you’re displaying the live view image to your […]

  • Custom Layouts in Professional Edition – v2.1.1.0

    As promised, we’ve updated dslrBooth Professional to allow custom layouts. This is done by using an intuitive graphical layout creator. By using the layout creator, you can create any arrangement of photos you can imagine with no boundaries. This also opens the door for 3rd party designers to create overlays and layouts for dslrBooth. In […]

  • Run a live photo booth slideshow

    It’s easy to run a slideshow of your photo booth photos or prints. All you need to do is run one of the following software on a secondary display or run on another computer. Fast Stone Image Viewer (PC) Scanning Slideshow (Mac) Next, setup the software to read from dslrBooth’s image directory. You can find […]

  • Starting your photo booth with a button

    We’ve had several people ask about how to setup their photo booths so guests can start the sequence of taking pictures with a button. The best option we’ve found is to use the Griffin Powermate. It’s a usb button that works with PCs and Macs. In our testing, it looks great, is easy to setup […]

  • Sending final photo booth images to ipad with an EyeFi Card

    If you have an eye-fi card, you can now have the final prints from dslrBooth show up on your ipad right away. Instructions Windows Install the Eye-Fi ipad app on your ipad. Plug in Eye-Fi Card (Can be any model) to your laptop. Configure Eye-Fi Card to upload to ipad. Open Eye-Fi Center, Photos > Select ipad. Connect […]

  • How to run an unattended diy Photo Booth

    We have had a number of customers ask us how they can an unattended photo booth with no one standing there to trigger the camera. Thankfully, the solution is very easy as dslrBooth requires no manual intervention once it’s started. dslrBooth can be triggered in one of several ways: From Computer Click the camera button […]

  • Customizing displayed messages

    We had a friend from Poland ask us today if it’s possible to customize the displayed messages so it’s in Polish instead of English. We thought that was a fabulous idea and have already implemented this feature in the last version of our software. Do you have a great idea to improve dslrBooth? Talk to […]