dslrBooth for Windows v4.9.15

New Features

  • Create a single 2×6 template that can be printed 2 per page. Choose 2×6 under Branding, Paper Size, then check Print 2 per page.
  • Live view can be displayed on the start screen. Enable under Settings, Shooting, Live View, Display on Start Screen.
  • Live view can be set to rotate 90, 180, or 270 degrees. Set under Settings, Shooting, Live View, Rotation.
  • Pressing P during any screen will silently print an extra copy of the last print.
  • Improve notification when printing.
  • Add milliseconds to name of print file to allow sorting with original photos.
  • New shortcuts: CTRL+F to enter/exit full screen. Backspace/Escape to cancel a session.
  • Process multiple photos with green screen by copying and pasting them into dslrBooth data directory.

 Bug Fixes

  • Optimized placement of virtual keyboard on smaller screens.
  • Fix for some PNG overlays not working with Green Screen.
  • Better compatibility with Sinfonia CS2 and other printers with faulty printer drivers.
  • Fix for handling corrupt fonts.
  • Fix for handling photos from some Sony cameras.