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  • dslrBooth for Windows v7.45 – Wired GoPro + Vertical Videos

    dslrBooth for Windows v7.45 – Wired GoPro + Vertical Videos

    Wired GoPro Support In addition to existing GoPro wireless support, we have also added support for GoPro cameras connected over a USB cable. This allows for the use for various booth experiences requiring a more reliable connection benefitting from the GoPro’s high frame-rate capture and portability. This is available for the GoPro 10, 11, and […]

  • fotoShare Cloud 2.0

    fotoShare Cloud 2.0

    We are thrilled to unveil the latest update and redesign of fotoShare Cloud! Experience a modern and enhanced online hosting platform for your dslrBooth and LumaBooth photos and videos, featuring a sleek new design and user-friendly functionality. Give your guests fully customizable and branded microsites for their events. Additionally, you can explore all the Plus […]

  • dslrBooth for Windows v7.44 – Sony Camera Support

    dslrBooth for Windows v7.44 – Sony Camera Support

    Elevate Your Photo Booth Experience with Our New Sony Camera Integration We’ve got some exciting news that many of you have been eagerly waiting for! Starting today, dslrBooth, your favorite photo booth app for computers, is officially compatible with Sony mirrorless cameras. We decided to extend our support to Sony cameras after extensive testing, particularly […]

  • dslrBooth 7, Customizable Screens, Updated UI, and new subscription system

    dslrBooth 7, Customizable Screens, Updated UI, and new subscription system

    Customize Guest Screens A much anticipated feature, users can now completely customize their guest facing screens with the new screen editors. Settings for your screens are saved at the event level so each event can have its own customized design. Screen Settings – Settings tab Screen settings for the welcome, capture, and sharing screens can […]

  • dslrBooth 7 Subscriptions and Upgrading

    dslrBooth 7 Subscriptions and Upgrading

    Get ready for the highly anticipated release of dslrBooth 7 featuring fully customizable screens, support for the newest Canon and Nikon cameras, and higher performance on the latest processors. dslrBooth is transitioning from an annual license system to a new improved subscription system to be able to offer you more frequent updates, premium hosting, continued […]

  • Surface Pro Webcam Fix

    Surface Pro Webcam Fix

    Some users with Surface Pros experienced the webcam staying on and the webcam frame service was consuming one CPU core, causing the Surface Pro to be very slow and it was unable to use webcams. The last Windows update has fixed the issue. Please update Windows to the latest version including Surface updates and the […]

  • dslrBooth for Windows – v6.42.1604.1

    dslrBooth for Windows – v6.42.1604.1

    This is a patch update for the current version 6.42.

  • Facebook Page Uploads

    Some of our customers have been experiencing issues with uploading their dslrBooth sessions to their Facebook business page. When choosing a Facebook album to upload to, new albums on previously used Facebook pages are not appearing. Unfortunately the issue stems from an issue with the Facebook website. We recommend for any users experiencing an issue with […]

  • dslrBooth for Windows – v6.42 GoPro 11 Support

    dslrBooth for Windows – v6.42 GoPro 11 Support

    GoPro 11 Support dslrBooth for Windows now supports the GoPro Hero 11 Black in addition to  the previously supported GoPro Hero 5 through 10. dslrBooth’s unique integration  with GoPro automatically sets the camera resolution and framerate as needed by your video timelines. It also seamlessly connects to your GoPro’s Wi-Fi connection to download captured footage […]

  • dslrBooth for Windows v6.42 – Live Template Preview

    Live Template Preview A highly sought after feature, Live Template Preview allows guests to see a video preview of themselves directly in the template. Guests can position themselves within the frame and opens the door to designing more creative templates and a more interactive experience. Improved GoPro Performance and Reliability We’ve made some improvements for better […]