dslrBooth for Windows v7.46 – AI background removal and WhatsApp sharing

AI Background Removal

Effortlessly replace any background with a digital one using our new AI Background Removal feature. This custom-trained AI model, built with the latest technology, allows for seamless background replacement without the need for a green screen. Guests can choose from a variety of custom backgrounds or have the system cycle through them automatically.

Key Features:

  • No Green Screen Needed: Remove photo backgrounds effortlessly without any special setup.
  • Advanced AI Technology: Utilizes a custom-trained AI model to provide precise high quality background removal.
  • Custom Backgrounds: Allow guests to select or automatically cycle through custom backgrounds.
  • Live View Positioning: Adjust and preview placements in real-time to achieve perfect results.
  • Optimized Performance: Best used on computers with a dedicated Nvidia graphics card for fastest background replacement. However, it is also fully compatible with computers that use integrated graphics or rely solely on CPU processing.

To enable this feature:

  • Navigate to Settings > Background Removal
  • Select ‘AI Background Removal’
  • Upload your desired background images

WhatsApp Sharing

Let your guests to easily share their photos and videos via WhatsApp. They can simply enter their mobile phone numbers on-screen to receive a QR code, enabling them to share their photo or video directly through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp sharing requires an active internet connection. We have also added a preview of the sharing screen under Sharing settings to make it easy to see and edit your sharing screen.

To enable this feature, Navigate to Settings > Sharing Settings. Enable WhatsApp sharing.

Feature Enhancements

  • Added a spinner and an upload progress to make it easy for the user to understand that a photo or video is being uploaded before the QR code can be scanned or WhatsApp sharing can be used. 
  • Added 0.125x speed in video timeline configuration for slow motion videos with newer cameras that can shoot 240 fps such as the Sony FX3 and Sony A7S3.
  • Removed Twitter sharing due to new Twitter/X decommissioning their API.

Performance Improvements

  • Reduced app startup time.
  • Improved green screen background removal performance in both live view and final processing.
  • Improved live view performance for Webcam, mirrorless, and DSLR cameras.
  • Added automatic selection of the best available GPU for green screen background removal without requiring user changes to Windows default settings.

Bug Fixes: General

  • Fixed automatic printing not working when the Skip Share Screen option was enabled.
  • Fixed GoPro camera disconnection when entering Camera Settings.
  • Fixed app crashing after the camera was disconnected when trying to start a session.
  • Fixed EOS Webcam Utility Pro 2.1 causing dslrBooth crash during startup.

Bug Fixes: User Interface Issues

  • Fixed GoPro failing to connect window moving off screen after multiple reconnection attempts.
  • Fixed pop-up getting stuck behind template select dropdown after selecting one template as favorite.
  • Fixed photos shown with the wrong orientation in Camera Settings when the camera was set to auto-rotate photos.
  • Fixed wrong size validation for Boomerang overlays.
  • Fixed after processing video being played twice.


  • Fix for GIF/Boomerang not processing in some installations.


  • Fix for mismatch between preview on start screen and preview on camera settings and background removal screens when camera is vertical.
  • Fix for crash when using app in German language and going to Capture Settings screen.


  • Fix for WhatsApp button not appearing when WhatsApp option is turned o.
  • Fix AI background removal not running when event is switched from the settings menu drop down.
  • Fix wrong live view rotation on startup when Green Screen removal is on and rotation is not set to zero.
  • Fix for settings menu stuck open when it’s opened from Choose a Template screen. The settings menu now is only available from the Start Screen.


  • Fix for app showing exit full-screen message when typing text in survey answer.


  • Don’t show gear animation when photos don’t require AI background removal

How to Install

  • New Customers: New users interested in dslrBooth can download v7 and access a free trial at dslrBooth.com/download. This is an excellent opportunity to explore the features of our software before making a purchase.
  • Existing dslrBooth 7 Customers: For those already using dslrBooth v7, you can effortlessly update to future v7 releases. Simply navigate to dslrBooth > Help > Check for Updates from within the software to install the latest version.
  • v6 and Older Customers: Please note that updates to dslrBooth v7 are not automatically available for users of dslrBooth v6 or earlier versions. If you’re using an older version and wish to upgrade, please visit dslrBooth.com/download to obtain the latest software.