fotoShare Cloud 2.0

We are thrilled to unveil the latest update and redesign of fotoShare Cloud! Experience a modern and enhanced online hosting platform for your dslrBooth and LumaBooth photos and videos, featuring a sleek new design and user-friendly functionality. Give your guests fully customizable and branded microsites for their events.

Additionally, you can explore all the Plus and Business features firsthand with a two-week FREE trial, providing an excellent opportunity to test out the platform’s full capabilities and see how it can enhance your event experiences before making a commitment. This trial period is a great way to familiarize yourself with the new design and functionalities, ensuring they meet your needs and expectations.

Group by Session

Photos and videos from the same session are now thoughtfully grouped together, enabling guests to simultaneously view and share all associated items. Within the event album, guests will encounter sessions rather than individual items.

Native Sharing on Mobile Phones

When viewing on mobile phones, guests can seamlessly share their photos and videos using any installed apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, SnapChat, and more.

Desktop Sharing 

On desktops, all sharing functionalities are neatly consolidated under the sharing icon, allowing your guests to download, email, or share to WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as copy a link, with ease.

Customize Homepage

Business plan users can customize their homepage by adding a background image and homepage banner while also editing the background color, text color, album card background color, and album card text color.

Embed Homepage on your site

Integrate your fotoShare Cloud homepage into your website to display all your events directly there. You can choose to hide the title, logo, and navigation for a smooth integration with your site’s design. Get the embed code under: Edit Homepage, Embed, and check/uncheck Events Only.

Event Search Bar

Effortlessly locate events within your Fotoshare account using the event search bar.

Upload Background Images

Directly upload background images to your events and homepage instead of using image urls as in the previous version of

Upload Album Banners

Plus and Business plan users can upload Album Banners that guests can see. These banners appear along your album title when a session is opened. While scrolling down the page, the album banner album banner thumbnail will appear next to the album title.

Fixes and Tweaks:

  • Improved more mobile-friendly layout when viewing photos and videos.
  • When Guest Access is off, the user will now see the event’s name at the top of the page and a small version of the album banner next to the title.
  • Items uploaded by LumaShare will show properly in the album guest view and not in admin view only. This fix applies to all previous events as well.
  • Redesign the guest view page to match the theme according to the settings created in album settings.



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