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  • fotoShare Cloud 2.0

    fotoShare Cloud 2.0

    We are thrilled to unveil the latest update and redesign of fotoShare Cloud! Experience a modern and enhanced online hosting platform for your dslrBooth and LumaBooth photos and videos, featuring a sleek new design and user-friendly functionality. Give your guests fully customizable and branded microsites for their events. Additionally, you can explore all the Plus […]

  • LumaShare 3.8 – Support for Mac

    LumaShare 3.8 – Support for Mac

    Support for running on M1/M2 Macs Run LumaShare on your MAC M1/M2 computer or laptop to be able to easily share and print sessions. Log into LumaShare on your MAC with the same credentials you would use for iPad and iPhone. Print to LumaBooth Assistant Print from LumaShare to LumaBooth Assistant running on any Windows […]

  • LumaShare 3.7 – UI and Sharing Status Improvements

    LumaShare 3.7 – UI and Sharing Status Improvements

    New Features and Improvements Bug Fixes v3.7.1 Download the latest version of LumaShare from the Apple App Store.

  • Twilio Usage in LumaBooth & LumaShare

    Twilio Usage in LumaBooth & LumaShare

    Dear LumaBooth and LumaShare Users, Our LumaBooth & LumaShare apps no longer require your own Twilio account to send SMS. We have chosen a new SMS provider and are paying for all SMS fees for all our customers world-wide.

  • LumaShare v3.6 – Offline QR Code and WhatsApp Sharing

    LumaShare v3.6 – Offline QR Code and WhatsApp Sharing

    Offline QR Code sharing Enhance the guest experience by allowing them to easily download their photos and videos without internet connectivity. Guests can now receive their photos and videos instantly over WiFi. See how-to setup offline QR code sharing on our support site. WhatsApp sharing Guests can also now share their photos and videos via WhatsApp […]

  • LumaShare v3.5 – Run on iPhones and play Vertical Slideshows

    Support for iPhones In addition to running on iPads, LumaShare now also runs on iPhones. This is perfect for quickly setting up a sharing station or for using the phone to cast a slideshow to an Airplay device or TV. Support Vertical slideshows To better showcase your vertical videos, LumaShare now supports playing vertical slideshow […]

  • LumaShare v3.4 – Play Slideshows

    LumaShare v3.4 – Play Slideshows

    Play Slideshow over AirPlay or HDMI You can now use the slideshow feature to play a slideshow in the background to any AirPlay 2 device such as Roku, AppleTV, AirPlay-compatible Smart TV or Mac. LumaShare can also play a slideshow over HDMI that you can connect to a TV. To do this, connect your iPad to […]

  • LumaShare v3.1

    Updated Main Screen The main guest screen now displays more thumbnails to allow for easier scrolling through sessions. Export Shares You can now export completed and pending shares to a CSV file including guests’ email addresses, phone numbers, and other sharing types. Settings > Sharing Status > Export. Print Pop-up The print pop-up now displays a + and […]

  • LumaShare (formerly fotoShare) app update 3.0

    New Redesigned App The fotoShare iPad app has been renamed to LumaShare to avoid confusion with the fotoShare Cloud hosting service. If you haven’t used the app before, LumaShare runs on an iPad and is a companion to both dslrBooth and LumaBooth. It lets your guests go back and view all photos, prints, GIFs, boomerangs, […]

  • fotoShare for iPad Update v2.7.5

    Download and Display Video Download, display and share video. Requires latest versions of dslrBooth. (Will be available for LumaBooth in next update) Time Limit for Displayed Photos Option to limit the displayed photos/gifs/prints to be within the last specific number of hours (Settings, General, Limit to Last x Hours). Remove Facebook Remove Facebook sharing as […]