dslrBooth for Windows v5.4.30

Updates included in this release:

  • Allow sorting of green screen backgrounds by dragging and dropping from Green Screen window.
  • App will now remember the last used green screen and default to it for a new session.
  • Add button to print a test copy from the template editor.
  • Add additional placeholder fields to be used in HTML E-mail Templates. Image Page URL (fotoshare_url) and (attached_image_url). Removed character limit on email template. These changes should allow for much more flexibility when designing email templates.
  • Properly handle margins when printing with printers that can choose between borderless and bordered prints.
  • Better layout of sharing buttons on smaller screens.
  • Enlarge hotspot for entering/exiting full screen for smaller screens.
  • Add Keyboard shortcuts for choosing a template on the start screen (Right/Left/Space or Enter).
  • Disable Virtual Keyboard on Settings window.
  • Gallery of previous prints now displays photos sorted from newest to oldest.
  • Display loading graphic while sharing to guest’s facebook wall.
  • Fix space bar not working after printing.
  • Disable setting of data directory to network share.
  • Bug fix for issues with older Canon cameras that did not support liveview.
  • Template Editor bug fixes.