LumaBooth v3.8 – Live view on start screen

Live View on the Welcome screen

Based on customer requests, we have added the option to display live view to the welcome screen. Guests can now see themselves before starting a session, allowing them to position themselves perfectly.

To enable live view on the welcome screen, go to Settings > Welcome Screen,  choose the Background tab and check the Camera preview box.

Use Additional Fonts

Fonts downloaded to your iPad or iPhone will now appear in LumaBooth’s print layout editor allowing you to further customize your event to perfectly fit your theme.

Load Custom Preview Video

Instead of using the built-in preview video, you can now upload a custom video as your preview video for 360 Boomerangs. Then you be able to see how a custom preview video will playback with your timeline, overlays and soundtrack.

choose test video 2

Additionally, we have made it possible to save the preview video so you can share an example with your client before the event or use for testing and marketing. To save the preview, tap Preview, then Save preview.

Save Original Video to Photos app

LumaBooth has always saved the edited video with customizations and timeline settings to the photos camera roll. LumaBooth now also saves the original raw video without any edits. This is very useful to deliver to your clients if needed. It can be used for creating marketing content since it’s stored in high resolution and high frame-rate regardless of your edit settings. All original videos will be stored in an album with the name of your event followed by – Footage.

360 Timeline reflects clip speed, clip duration, edited file duration, and final file size

The 360 boomerang timeline now now better reflects the edited on-screen duration of each clip making it easier to visualize your changes.

The timeline now also shows an estimate of the edited video duration and length. 

Final timeline

Other Improvements and Tweaks:

  • Sharing via Airdrop no longer shows additional sharing options.
  • Fix for virtual attendant media items missing for for default style.
  • Fix for booth mode buttons hidden when there is no start screen virtual attendant animation added.
  • Boomerang preview will now fill the entire screen when using an iPhone.
  • Fix for video thumbnail in emails not showing overlays.
  • Fix for background removal overlay showing on all backgrounds.


  • Fix for crash on sms sharing status.


  • Fix for crash on cancelling video capture.