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  • 50+ New Templates!

    dslrBooth has recently added more than 50 new templates to the store. Included are: 6 Children Birthday templates 16 Birthday or Party templates 2 Prom/Homecoming templates 5 Holiday templates Each template has a vertical and horizontal version available. Check out the new templates below!  

  • hashPrinter for Windows v2.5

    hashPrinter for Windows v2.5

    Update for downloading from instagram. Ignore swipes from edges of screen on windows 8 and windows 10 when app is in full screen. Hidden layer will no longer appear on the print. Fix for stroke color not working on main photo.

  • hashPrinter 2.0 – Twitter hashtag printing

    hashPrinter now searches twitter as well as instagram for hashtags. You can use either service or both at the same time. This allows your guests the flexibility to use the social media service they prefer. Download the update by restarting hashPrinter. Don’t have hashPrinter, download a FREE trial now.

  • dslrBooth for Windows

    dslrBooth for Windows

    New Features: Integration with (VKontakte) social media site for guests to post to their walls. Ability to turn booth into shooting video only. Add option to fully customize video start screen. Drag + Drop to import photos for processing into dslrBooth for those scenarios where you want to post-process photos into a print without […]

  • LumaShare 1.4 Released

    We just updated our iPad photo booth sharing up to version 1.4. This release includes quite a bit of performance and quality improvements as well as various bug fixes. SMS sending has been fixed as well. For a limited time, we’re allowing everyone to use our LumaShare app free of charge so download it today […]

  • dslrBooth for Windows

    Added Video support to D90- D5000, also improved processing speed. Green Screen photos are now in a separate folder. Fixes to printers with faulty printer drivers. Re-print last image using P shortcut. Fixed hidden virtual keyboard when sharing to Facebook,  Twitter. Enhanced border for Facebook, Twitter.

  • dslrBooth for Windows

    Black/White option now only changes photos to black/white and not entire template. Design enhancements to Email and SMS windows. Added keyboard shortcut to start video capture (V). Better handling of auto-focus failures on Canon cameras. Improvement to Facebook Page Uploads by adding dropdown list of existing albums. Added some speed enhancements as well so your […]

  • dslrBooth for Windows

    Reprint improvements. You can now set the number of prints to print. Support for shooing in RAW + JPG. Previously you had to shoot in JPG. Support for Canon T5i (EOS 1200D). Fixes to printers with faulty printer drivers. Minor fixes to shooting video. Video has not been officially announced as supported yet but we […]

  • Audio Prompts – dslrBooth for Windows v2.9.1.1

    dslrBooth for Windows now includes professionally recorded audio prompts by our very own Kate (female voice) and Jack (male voice). You also have the option to use your own recorded prompts if you wish.

  • Offline Sharing, QR Code Prints – Windows v2.9.2.1

    Offline Sharing, QR Code Prints – Windows v2.9.2.1

    All this snow that’s been hitting us in the East Coast has forced us to stay indoors. Rather than hibernate though, we’ve focused on bringing you a slew of updates: Allow for sharing using e-mail, sms, and facebook pages even when there is no internet connection. All sharing items are processed once an internet connection […]