LumaBooth 3.4 – iPhone Support for 360 Booths

LumaBooth now runs on iPhones! Running LumaBooth on iPhones is the perfect solution to capture high quality 360 videos. You can capture videos using LumaBooth and have guests share using our LumaShare app on a separate iPad.



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360 Booth Improvements

  • Supported iPhones are iPhone 13, 12, 11, SE, X, 8, 7, 6 and their various mini, Pro, and Max models. If you’ll be using on a 360 spinner, we highly recommend models with an ulra-wide camera to get a full body shot.
  • We have also drastically improved the quality of 360 and other videos.
  • Improve motion detection to start recording when 360 arm starts spinning. Detection is now much more accurate and ignores shaking when guests step on and off the platform.

Bug Fixes & Tweaks:

  • Change survey results to show on one row per session.
  • If print 2 per page is selected for a template, the guest print count pop-up will now show even numbers as each two are on one 4×6.
  • Fix for loading m4a files in virtual attendant.
  • Fix issue where virtual attendant filename sometimes did not show.
  • Add support for smaller iPhones.
  • Fix flickering when capturing a video while effects are on.
  • Fix for recording duration cut-off on iPhones with notches.
  • Fix for square boomerangs and videos stretching.
  • Add notification when using app on iPhone with display zoom turned on.
  • Use boomerang/360 countdown when device is moved rather than recording right away.
  • Display notification when session is started due to device moving.
  • Add 3x and 4x clip speeds to 360/boomerang clips.
  • Fix for emails with larger videos stuck in queue.
  • Fix for creating account with invalid email address.

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