Release Notes – v1.0.243 for Mac

New Features
  • Add large start button for automatic shutter (timer) setups.
  • Add large countdown before taking pictures so your guests can easily know when picture will be taken.
  • Rename “archive” directory to “originals” so it’s more obvious where original pictures go.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix memory leak issue when shooting JPG images of larger sizes.






5 responses to “Release Notes – v1.0.243 for Mac”

  1. Donna Avatar

    I am still needing an answer to, how to delete 1 of the pictures and replace during a shoot. For example, flash did not flash on 1 of the 4 pictures, would like the ability to replace it with a 5th pose before printing. Is this possible? Thanks so much!

    1. admin Avatar

      There is no way to currently do that as dslrBooth is meant to be fully automated without user interaction. What we usually do in our events is take a few more photos and no one minds. What you can also do is get an external flash/strobe hooked up to AC power/battery that will guarantee it fires every single time. Another option is to turn off automatic printing and hit the print button for the prints you want to print out.

      1. Donna Avatar

        When you say take a few more photos, does that mean if the template is set up for 4 poses, I would take 4 more if 1 of original 4 is i.e. dark? I am using an external flash but it missed fired.

        1. admin Avatar

          That is correct.

          1. Donna Avatar

            Ok thank you—I am loving the program 🙂 Will be anxious to check out Pro Edition for Mac, if you so choose to create.

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