Sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (Windows Only)

You can share your final prints online in realtime on facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest and a few dozen other sharing sites directly from dslrBooth. It’s pretty simple, take a few pictures, wait till the final print appears on screen, then click the e-mail, SMS, or scan the QR Code. Enter your e-mail or SMS #. Your mobile phone will open up a secure url where you can share your picture in real-time. Cool, right? Let us know either way in the comments below. We’re always open to suggestions.


How long do my images stay online?

Images are guaranteed to be online for 30 days after they are uploaded.

What happens when I click the share button? Can anyone else see them?

The share button, takes you to the url for the page. Your images can only be accessed if you know their url.

Can I download a full resolution copy?

Of course. Click on the image and it’ll open the original image in high resolution which you can download.






6 responses to “Sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (Windows Only)”

  1. Kayla Avatar

    Looking into this software for a party, and we don’t actually want to print pictures, just email them directly to the guests. Is there an “email to myself” option as part of the sharing page?

    1. admin Avatar

      Yes, you can turn off printing. You can share using the “e-mail” functionality under sharing.

  2. Drake Avatar

    Would be great if you could auto upload photos to a service, like flickr. You create the set, link to the flickr account and snap away. Each photo instantly uploaded. Even better to be able to set tags.

    1. admin Avatar

      You can use something like to auto upload to flickr once an images gets added to the prints folder.

  3. Jen Avatar

    Are there any plans to be able to upload direct to Facebook, without going to the dslr page then having to share it over? Reason i ask is because the image only appears as a small link and is hard to see on mobiles which is what is in use at the time of the party/reception/photobooth occasion… and more importantly from the business side and the need to advertise via image-word of mouth, the links can’t be tagged with the people who are in them, therefore their friends aren’t seeing them anyway!

    1. admin Avatar

      Yup, it’s on our todo list.

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