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  • Lumabooth v3.3.6 – Camera Histogram & Camera Picker

    Lumabooth v3.3.6 – Camera Histogram & Camera Picker

    Camera Settings Histogram View a live histogram while in camera settings. Use the histogram to better adjust your camera settings such as white balance and exposure. Updated Camera Settings UI Easily choose which camera you want to use by choosing the drop down menu in Settings > Camera Settings. iPad that have the ultra wide angle […]

  • Lumabooth v3.3 – 2×6 Print Design, Print Alignment, and Easier Retake

    2×6 Print Design If you’re printing to 2×6 paper, you can now design your strip as a 2×6 and LumaBooth will create a 4×6 print for printing on a 4×6 printer which cuts the strip Set your template to 2×6 and make sure to check the option for print 2 copies per page. This allows users […]

  • LumaBooth v3.2 – Improved Boomerangs and 360 Spinner Support

    LumaBooth v3.2 – Improved Boomerangs and 360 Spinner Support

    Create a one of a kind boomerang using LumaBooth’s new features perfect for 360 booths and other short slow motion and video experiences. LumaBooth runs on iPhones and iPads. New features include: Slow down/Speed up and reverse multiple clips in same recorded boomerang. Capturing at a high frame-rate. Adding an overlay, pre-roll and post-roll video, […]

  • LumaBooth v3.1 – Guest Signature and Custom Beauty Filter

    Signature Allow guests to sign their photos using the new signature feature. Choose a standard color or add flare by choosing the glow effect. Add the signature option in Print Layout > Guest Data > Signature. Beauty Filter Smoothness Level Set the amount of beauty filter that is applied to photos. View a preview of the […]

  • LumaBooth v3.0 – Built-in and Custom Filters

    Filters Built-in or custom filters can be applied to photo, gif, boomerang, and video sessions. There are 8 built-in filters and guest can either choose their own filters or you can set them to apply automatically. You can also enable/disable individual filters to customize each event based on your theme. This can be configured under […]

  • LumaBooth v2.9.4 – Custom Paper Sizes & Improved Video Processing

    Custom Paper Sizes Change your template’s paper size by choosing from different paper sizes under Print Layout. Add your own custom paper size by choosing the Custom option. Improved Boomerang and Green Screen Processing Boomerangs and green screen effects are now higher in quality, smoother and process much faster. We have also added a faster speed […]

  • LumaBooth v.2.9 – Stickers

    LumaBooth v.2.9 – Stickers

    Stickers Allow your guests to add stickers to their final print. Use the built-in stickers or upload your own. Settings > Stickers Larger Sharing Icons The sharing icons have been increased in size to allow for easier viewing. The countdown is now shown as a line at the top that will decrease as time counts down. Split Survey […]

  • LumaBooth v.2.8 – UI Improvements

    Sharing Status Improvements You can now export shares outside of the app including phone numbers, emails that shares were sent to. The sharing status details now takes up the full width of the screen to show more information. Share Single Photos Using LumaShare When using LumaShare, you can now share the individual photos as well. […]

  • LumaBooth v2.7 – Square GIFs and Boomerangs

    Square GIFs and Boomerangs You can now capture square GIFs and Boomerangs (Settings, Capture, Gif/Boomerang, Rectangle/Square). During the countdown preview, guests will see a square preview so they know how to position themselves. Crop liveview to match photo placeholder size During the countdown preview, guests will now see a  black overlay over parts of the […]

  • LumaBooth v2.6

    Share to Instagram Allow guests to send a customized email to themselves that will include their session, ready to post to Instagram. Choose Number of Print Copies Allow guests to choose the number of copies to print on the sharing screen. Max Prints Per Event Set the number of prints that can be printed per […]