What’s new with dslrBooth & LumaBooth

  • dslrBooth 7 Subscriptions and Upgrading

    dslrBooth 7 Subscriptions and Upgrading

    Get ready for the highly anticipated release of dslrBooth 7 featuring fully customizable screens, support for the newest Canon and Nikon cameras, and higher performance on the latest processors. dslrBooth is transitioning from an annual license system to a new improved subscription system to be able to offer you more frequent updates, premium hosting, continued […]

  • Twilio Usage in LumaBooth & LumaShare

    Twilio Usage in LumaBooth & LumaShare

    Dear LumaBooth and LumaShare Users, Our LumaBooth & LumaShare apps no longer require your own Twilio account to send SMS. We have chosen a new SMS provider and are paying for all SMS fees for all our customers world-wide.

  • Surface Pro Webcam Fix

    Surface Pro Webcam Fix

    Some users with Surface Pros experienced the webcam staying on and the webcam frame service was consuming one CPU core, causing the Surface Pro to be very slow and it was unable to use webcams. The last Windows update has fixed the issue. Please update Windows to the latest version including Surface updates and the […]

  • LumaBooth v3.9 – Multilingual Support

    LumaBooth v3.9 – Multilingual Support

    LumaBooth now supports five new languages: To change the language of LumaBooth go to Settings > About and select the Change language dropdown. Updated Sharing UI When a sharing option is selected it will show over the entire screen for easy readability, especially with iPhones. Sharing Status for All and Individual Events View the sharing […]

  • dslrBooth for Windows – v6.42.1604.1

    dslrBooth for Windows – v6.42.1604.1

    This is a patch update for the current version 6.42.

  • LumaShare v3.6 – Offline QR Code and WhatsApp Sharing

    LumaShare v3.6 – Offline QR Code and WhatsApp Sharing

    Offline QR Code sharing Enhance the guest experience by allowing them to easily download their photos and videos without internet connectivity. Guests can now receive their photos and videos instantly over WiFi. See how-to setup offline QR code sharing on our support site. WhatsApp sharing Guests can also now share their photos and videos via WhatsApp […]

  • LumaBooth v3.8 – Live view on start screen

    LumaBooth v3.8 – Live view on start screen

    Live View on the Welcome screen Based on customer requests, we have added the option to display live view to the welcome screen. Guests can now see themselves before starting a session, allowing them to position themselves perfectly. To enable live view on the welcome screen, go to Settings > Welcome Screen,  choose the Background tab […]

  • dslrBooth for Mac v3.9.3

    dslrBooth for Mac v3.9.3

    Support for Nikon cameras on macOS Ventura The newest macOS Ventura is now fully supported with Nikon cameras. Newly added Canon cameras dslrBooth now additionally supports these Canon cameras: EOS M50 Mark II EOS R5 EOS R6 EOS Ra EOS 850D EOS T8i v3.9.4 Fix bug where some Nikon cameras were not connecting.

  • Facebook Page Uploads

    Some of our customers have been experiencing issues with uploading their dslrBooth sessions to their Facebook business page. When choosing a Facebook album to upload to, new albums on previously used Facebook pages are not appearing. Unfortunately the issue stems from an issue with the Facebook website. We recommend for any users experiencing an issue with […]

  • LumaBooth v3.7 – 360 Presets, Link Sharing, 1080p Recording

    LumaBooth v3.7 – 360 Presets, Link Sharing, 1080p Recording

    Create Event Link In-app You can now create an event link directly in LumaBooth so you can easily share an online album link with the event organizer. You can do this from menu > Link icon. You can now also disable the link both in the app and fotoShare Cloud. This link is meant to share the entire […]